Mrs. Estrada's Kinder Class


Student Goals 

We are constantly looking for the best way to educate your child here in Kindergarten at Desert Hills Elementary.  As a Kindergarten team we share ideas, review literature of best practices, and research innovative ways to teach your children to their fullest potential. The following are a FEW of the goals that your child will be striving towards throughout this year.

1. Students will be respectful and responsible members of their community. 

2. Students will become/remain active partcipants of their community. 

3. Students will gain an appreciation for the natural environment. 

4. Students will explore, observe, analyze, and synthesize a vareity of Science information.  

5. Students will gain an appreciation of reading through the study and exploration of a wide-variety of genres. 

6. Students will be able to compose a complete sentence using correct punctuation, capitalization, and word spacing as well as include a mix of correctly spelled high frequency words and phonetic spelling of other words.

7. Students will use investigative math skills to perform at Kindergarten Benchmark

8. Students will demonstrate proficiency of their addition and subtraction facts up to 5.

9. Students will read at a Level 6 (DRA) by the end of the school year.

10. Students will recognize, read, and write over 30 common sight words by the end of the school year.

**For additional information on the "new" Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten, please visit  These standards have been adopted by 47 states and the goal of the standards is to create college and/or career ready students by the time they graduate from high school.



 Student Websites

15 Ways to Study Your Spelling Words

1. Play-doh spelling words: Make Play-doh "snakes" and use them to form the letters in your spelling words.

2. Yummy spelling words: Put whipped cream, peanut butter, etc...on a plate or cooking sheet and write your words with your finger. You can also create yummy words using alphabet cereal.

3. Dirty words: Using a stick write your words in sand or mud.

4. Clean words: Using shaving cream on a cookie sheet write your words with your finger.

5. Rainbow words: Write each letter of your word with a different color of marker, colored pencil, or crayon.

6. On the back words: Write your words on the back of an adult and have them guess the word.

7. Spotlight words: Write your spelling words on the roof using a flashlight.

8. Typed words: Type your words on a computer.

9. ABC words: Write your words in ABC order.

10. Sign your words using sign language letters.

11. Toss a word/Roll a word: Toss or a roll a ball back and forth with a partner to spell the word one letter at a time.

12. Fancy words: Write your words using fancy letters.

13. Three time's a charm: Write your words three times with 3 different writing tools (i.e. marker, colored pencil, pen)

14.  Visit for many spelling game options.

15. Have an adult give you a practice spelling test.