Mrs. Estrada's Kinder Class


How You Can Help Your Child...

1) Check your child's backpack and binder each night. 

2) Read to, or with, your child each night

3) Ask your child about thier day.

4) Have your child share their graded work with you.

5) Help them study their weekly spelling words (see Student Page)

6) Ensure they get enough sleep each night (10-12 hours).

7) Ensure they wake up in time to eat a healthy breakfast and prepare for school.

8) Create a daily time that they can complete their homework in a quiet environment.

9) Enrich your child child by visiting museums, the public library, attending performances, or having them participate in a sport.

10) Include your child in life activities such as cooking, grocery shopping, and gardening.

11) Have them at school each day ready to learn by 7:55 a.m.